How to find stuff to do in Stockholm?

Well, lists different things you can do in Stockholm. All kinds of activities are listed on that site.

Do you want to see museums and experience a little bit culture, then you can surf into There you find some of the museeums.

Current cultural events are listed at There you find what’s up right now, when you are reading this.

Around Stockholm we have wonderful nature. We have lakes, swimming and other free actitities in the nature around Stockholm. In the winter time there are skiing possibilities. However for Slalom I recommend a couple of hour trip away from here. If you go to the North of Sweden, there the nature is grand and harsch. It has wonderful sceneries. If you go to the South you will find different, but wonderful sceneries too. Sweden has a lot of land and is not crowded and built all over. We have a lot of wonderful mind escapes, where you can enjoy nature. In Sweden we have Allemansrätt and that means that you are free to visit our woods, as long as they are not inside fences/walls. It’s not as i.e. Germany where you are not allowed to go into private woods without permission. You are not allowed to break anything or use anything in nature though. No picking flowers, or cutting branches in the woods! You are even allowed to camp for a couple of days and you are not allowed to leave marks or trash, gotta’ remove it all.

I have favorite places. Wonderful places in Sweden. I like to take walks in nature reserves here in Stockholm. I also like “fjällen”. I studied in Umeå, but I haven’t had the chance to travel up there. Perhaps I will do that. Perhaps someone wants to come and visit me in Sweden and travel with me? Who knows? I don’t know, but it would be nice to show Sweden. Even though I’m not familiar with all of Sweden, I know the language and how to find my way here. I’m totally open minded for foreign visitors.

I am actually thinking of going to Gambia in ~2018. I’m not going alone, family and friends will come. Wanna come with us? Well, then just tell me. Perhaps it’s possible. We will have our own Gambian to show us around. Just saying. Everything is possible, if you really want it.




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