How to find living space in Stockholm?

Well, to buy something:

There you find different forms of apartments or spaces ready to purchase.

To have a rental:

Second hand or private landlords or different forms of shared space are found here:

Different forms of living spaces are found here, all from shared, to owned, to rented, to 2:nd hand or 3:rd hand contracts (be careful, so you don’t get scammed,don’t pay in advance, check and make phone calls to validate):

Private landlords listed in Stockholm:

Phonebooks, to find addresses, names and phone numbers to the companies listed:

If you find an address you like you can check who owns the building with the City, if it´s in Stockholm you call Stockholm stad and ask them. They also have a home page of how to go about to find an apartment in Stockholm.

You can also contact a real estate agent to help you find a living space. I already know how to find apartments and how to buy, but I only help real people. This is what I can give to you that don’t dare to make real contact and ask someone for real.


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