Comedy act

I’m having a comedy act in mms format. I’ve done it for many years. Surprising family and friends with my strange things… We have some wigs, the kid has them and I made me, the kid and my partner use them. Took pictures. My partner looked so funny, like a hardrocker and then like some hippie. Haha. The right clothes… haha. I shared this fun with my mum and sibling of course. I actually would like to do many things. I’ve got a lot of ideas from all this. Haha. It was to fun.

Once I used post its and did nude images on them, of Kama sutra, really haha. Sent to my partner, many years ago now. It is fun what you can do with a pen and a piece of paper, or with a digital camera and some fantasies. Imagine what more I could do with more resources. Haha.

I have installed anonymity tools on my own PC, but haven’t really been using it. I was in my work space but I think that room makes me fall a sleep, since I did. I fell a sleep on the sofa. Just like that. Tired. I had lectures today. I learned more about something. Boring lecture, but interesting.

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