Teaming up

I’m teaming up with my friend today. I am home alone, have no “school”, no “work” and I don’t feel like cleaning the upstairs today. My pet occupies my workspace, wanting a gentle tap on the head. Outside it has snowed enormous amounts of snow. 50cm in my garden. Looks all white. I should go out and take pictures, but my partner has reorganised the storage and I cannot find my camera bag. I hate looking for things. My partner is an asshole. I asked it to get it for me, since its the reason for the camera not being found. I don’t like to search for stuff that I have a structure for. It annoys me. So no pictures for me. I broke my phone… so I cannot use it either. I could use a old phone, but it doesn’t have any quality imaging. I have two more cameras I could use, but I don’t feel like it. It’s cold outside. I rather be indoors as much as possible. I’m gonna have a friendly afternoon with my friend that I’ve known for decade now.

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