Imagine that

I got VG on my report. The funny one, that didn’t, hopefully, make the lecturer bored. Imagine that. We can only get U, G or VG. I got the highest grade. Hehe. Feels great somehow. I have now passed all my classes for last year. I only have 5 more credits 2 go. Understand, 0ver 200% studies. Just in case I have applied for dispension for those credits. I think they must have agreed to that since they already registered me for the spring semester… But hopefully, I’ll make it. Oh, 2016 was a bad year in every way possible. I still lack 2 of the books from the 5credits I’m taking now. I’ve only got 3 of the books, which I would want. Now I have January classes to handle. Yet two exams next week. Then February.

I also got into all that I wanted at the university. So do 15credits or 30credits in my new major? It could be fun to do the other classes… but do I take on too much? I already tested 175% plus working, didn’t go so well. However over 200% and working a little less worked fine. But what about 275%? Hmm. It might work. What do you think? I don’t know what to do. I’m confused. This will be a spring with a lot of studies and what ever I set off to do I manage.