I wonder why?

The screen on this computer is slowly decaying. The framework is toast and all it does is stand still. I guess it is plastic and heat? Strange. A TV never breaks in pieces like this Samsung computer LCD does. My partners screen is in danger of being replaced with the one in the kids room. Schyy. Don’t tell my partner. It’s pink. The pets broke the keyboard… haha. Guess what? I took the one in the kids room. Guess what color? Pink. Hehe. When my partner comes home from skiing trip… there is a great risk that the screen is replaced. Haha. I should do it, just to piss my partner off. Haha. I think it would go out and buy a new one. I know it hates a pink keyboard, but do you know what? The kid doesn’t use it. We have 2 of them, if it would like to use it. And do you know what else? I love everything wonderful that isn’t grey, brown, white or black almost (not talking about pets, they are lovely in those colors). So with that said, I would like it all to be pink, purple, green, blue or something like that. Actually I’m gonna buy my partner a new keyboard for its birthday soon enough. Black with rainbow colors. Awesome. Only costs 1300 SEK, some might have it for sale cheaper, but that is the regular price. I know it’s expensive, but my partner uses the computer a lot.

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