Not all kids had a happy Christmas

Some kids had to spend their Christmas at a juvenile home at SIS. Some have drug addictions, other’s have psychological issues.You can read an article with stories from kids in SIS at ETC.

Drug addictions are caused by different things. One thing that can make kids do drugs are idols. They are role models. If we detox Internet less kids would end up in addictions. Forbid all drugs to be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Snapshat and so on. All social media. Governments can make it illegal. Media actors would have to listen.

There are a lot of drugs online, even narcotics, wide open. Forbidding marketing of drugs like tobacco, alcohol and narcotics would make selling forbidden online too. Imagine that. How easy things are, when you set your heart to it.

The world would have less problems because of drugs, if we detox Internet.