Internet addiction

There are people addicted to certain things in life. Perhaps you have something you have a thing for. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you can be without, when you choose to.

Well. There is something called Internet addiction. Originally it was a joke. But then it got split up in different areas. There are so-called “Cyber-relationship-addiction”. Those people are simply addicted to relationships online. People having perfect relationships online. But when you meet them, naa, nothing to have and to hold. Some might pretend to be someone they are not.

Then there is another form of addiction called “catfish”. People pretending to be someone they are not. Creating fake profiles with the intention of tricking someone to fall in love. One person, or both, are then just lying to each other.

Well. It is very easy to lure people online to anything. It is easy to pretend. You just write down the personality you want to portray and then pretend. You say all the things the person on the other end wants to hear. It is very easy, you just mimic your way. It’s no different from acting really. Or inventing scripts. I do it all the time. I don’t mean I do catfish, but I do play. It is great fun.

Cyber-relationships, hmm. What do I have to say? You can have pretty nice relationships with people that way, but often it’s better to let them stay online. Never meet them. You have Skype and social media you can interact through. However I know people who meet their spouses that way, so it is possible. But there are idiots out there. It can be dangerous.

Doing something all the time can turn into an addiction. Many people today are addicted to the Internet. They have cyber-relationships in online games, Facebook, Instagram and so on. All day everyday all year around. Parents need to be aware of these things. Is it a good relationship for the kid? Well, then its okay. Perhaps they help each other online? Having a cyber-friend might be better than having no friend. Having a fake relationship is alright if both know it’s fake.

Play acting is no addiction, but everything can turn into addictions. Always. I like play acting, role playing and irony. So I do it. Some artists use it for promo. Nothing wrong with that. It is fun to play along and see the commentary of other’s doing the same. However the artist doing it is in fact doing “catfish”. That means they might trick fans to fall in love with them. There is a great risk for an artist to do that. The fan might be a fanatic after all.

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