Role model?

I see myself as a shitty parent in many ways. I don’t get MVG (the highest grade in such a grading system). We where out giving away gifts to the beggars the other day and the kid said it liked helping people. “I could work with that when i grow up.” I am creating a naive world view in this kid. Shit, helping people, the kid isn’t gonna’ earn any money. Always having to beg people for financing “giving”. Oh shit. What kind of role model am I? A bad one. Obviously. In more ways than you understand. I always thought it was good to show the kid that poverty is real and that everyone can get poor. Therefore I have made it give away food packages for a couple of years. Just to remind it of how good life the kid has, not having to beg for food. I didn’t want the spoiled kid to take anything for granted, therefore I thought of this as important to show. Poverty. But, I didn’t expect it to be a charity worker when it grows up. I was more hoping for something more successful or “regular” and then it can help on the side, or within that occupation in another way. Well, I am perhaps a bad role model. I ain’t directly working either right now and really haven’t been working proper during the kids childhood more than one year in total(not in a row). The kid is lucky having one parent that doesn’t work full-time. Not all kids have that privilage. Well. Anyways. I am setting a bad role model. The kid doesn’t understand charity workers are not rich, perhaps some even have to work for free.

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