God or not God, that is the question

I never worship anything but the universe. I call the universe God. I have my own religious belief system, but I call myself Christian, Lutheran. But I still don’t believe in the way that is thought. I read the Bible, Koran and interpret them myself. I have no idols. I know any image made by man is not an image of the divine. So nothing can be an insult really, since none can portray the divine, or any God for that matter. I know that people let the images represent divinity. But I also know that churches try to teach that it is just an icon, representation really, so I wouldn’t agree to all the things said in this film.
Most things can be checked. You can read the Bible. I don’t know about the 10 commandments, that they say are split, but I do know the Bible tells us to not idolize and worship and that it is fake Gods. God only wants you to turn to God. I believe this is why I have such a hard time accepting Jesus. I don’t think I ever have accepted Jesus in the way that Christians should. I have always accepted he was born, lived and so on. But Jesus doesn’t really say “I am the son of God”. Other’s do. Well. Anyway, we are all the children of God, so it is not wrong to say he was the son of God, since every man is the son or daughter of God.

I also believe God is on Earth in the flesh and that we are just God’s amusement. We are like a VR movie for God. God is reborn again and again. Who knows how it works? Perhaps God has some safety system built in this automated system? Perhaps God can choose to cancel the game played because of that safety system. We are like an advanced game, with randomness and free will. Maybe we are God’s entertainment, to keep God busy and happy. God is very lonely. God only wants to be loved and is testing you and me all the time, to see if you and I still keep our faith. God is a trickster. God could even be seen as bully, both good and evil. God keeps balance so to speak. That  doesn’t mean God always does what you want. God might think you need the opposite, perhaps what you deserve? or perhaps test you, even when you don’t deserve it? Old sayings say that we don’t get more than we can handle. Well, some cannot handle things and kill themselves. So it isn’t always applicable. God gave you your free will, so don’t give it away, not even to prayers like “Our father…”. I think that is a really strange prayer. It is like a curse. Who wants someone elses will to conquer you and rule over you? I don’t, I want my own free will, that God gifted us with. So I follow my will. It doesn’t need to conflict with God, just saying.

The world is grey, not black and white, there are no truths in just one way, there are many sides and perspectives and explaining something complicated in a few words isn’t easily done. I am not saying it isn’t possible, since it might be. Well. In this video they claim things. Some things are as they claim. You can check all facts in the Bible. You however cannot understand everything from this video, you can enter a class at the university to understand more about sermons. I am not saying catholics worship Mary. They can focus and reach God easier when having a “representation”. Mary is not really an image of God’s mother. Mary is in the flesh, which God never is. However an icon is a representation, but not a real image or copy of reality. This is totally lost in this video. God is beyond and above any icon, god cannot be portraid, so there is no risk in having an icon. Icons are just representations. If they break, who cares? They are not God, since God is in everything, even the simplest breath of air. You don’t need a church to pray. But theses things make it easier to have a place to be with God, but that doesn’t mean you need them. Everything is false, when it comes to materialism. However we, as people, are limited from the divine in our body elm. Our body still has limits, therefore we have the materialistic. Catholics don’t need icons, figurines and such to reach God. I as Lutheran am thought not to have all those images as they do. Luther was against images and figurines in the churches. In modern days they have however come back even to our churches, but more moderate than in Catholic churches.

I think it is bad that the pope is worshipped, as an Imam, however, they are guides. Priests and so on. They however don’t know everything either. They might not even have gotten all things right. They can help us learn the scriptures, discuss them with us. But you can also enlight, if you try to study and learn. We learn through communication with other’s. So with this saying, even though things said are so, they are still not completely right in this video. They really don’t understand everything. But of course, you should not idolize. This is why I don’t care for titles and I am not impressed by power. I just am not. See this video, be open-minded and think further. As usual, I don’t need to share these ideas. I just want to make you understand different world views, to enlighten your mind. But don’t fall for the easy tricks. I already have a belief system, therefore I interpret as I see fit. Find your own truth.
Very strange, but the video that I linked to 3 months ago (today is 18th March 2017) has been removed, the link was (https://youtu.be/ZXv6IrYx3OQ). I give you other films instead.

Film 1, historical review of the religion:

Film 2, a documentary of the catholic church instead:

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