Idiots online

This is a girl who has a YouTube-channel. She speaks about stalkers. For a stalker it is not enough to follow your Vlog. They do more. There are a lot of strange stuff that they do to this poor girl. Uack. Why? Why create profiles? Strange, if you ask me. I was stalked by some idiots when I was younger. They could come and knock on my window, call me, even though I never gave them my number they found it by luring my friends. It is very strange. I think fans (fanatics) shouldn’t create fake accounts for someone else, that is pushing it to far. Comment on the official social media like a normal person, a regular fan. Then there are other types of people… that you perhaps even know that they are stalkers, that can have a more scary behavior. In example they can do bad things to your stuff. You might have ideas who it is, but you don’t know who it is and usually we cannot go around accusing people even though we suspect someone. Some have learned to live with stalkers. It is an uneasy feeling. Even if they are online they can still stalk you in unbelievable manners. U are very alone in this current Internet system if someone decides to do that. The system is faulty.

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