The non smoking generation – 2300 – poem

The year is 2300,

the children are narrated a story,

the story is about the 2016,

they get to know that back then

anyone could be an artist,

even someone that openly used drugs,

even promoted drugs,

the children open their mouths wide open,

they are wondering how stupid the people where,

didn’t they know that drugs caused death, sickness and uncomfort,

it made you age in pretime, become sicker and consume nature,

in this age this would be impossible,

now they all are living sustainable lifes,

with as little waste as possible,

keeping everything to a minimum of waste,

the children continue listening,

then they get to know the story about the unknown hero,

a teacher online that started making propagande on the old Internet,

even that sounded strange to the kids,

in their time there is no Internet that tracks you,

everyone is equal, anonymous, everywhere,

but still get all the facts or help they need,

everything is free and all live in harmony,

there are no wars,

the children are amazed hearing about the cyber warfare back in the days,

when everyone was stripped of their privacy on the old Internet,

the children listen and wonder,

the times are so different,

so it is hard to understand,

the story continues,

the teacher started to do propaganda to end all drugs on the old Internet,

the children get to know that the children of Earth joined the teacher in this conquest,

to detox the world,

the politicians, the artists, the parents and so on,

the old Internet was to be freed from toxic messages as drugs,

the teacher started a trend and many children joined,

to many adults where to stupid to understand what the teacher tried to say,

but the children understood,

it was their planet to be and they wanted to live in harmony,

in harmony with nature, connectivity, people,

a world where everyone is connected and still totally private,

this world could be real, for all of tomorrow’s children,

if you let go of the drugs in social media, as a first step.

Do it for them, for those living 2300. Be humane.


Written by Living Forum. Copyright belongs to Upphovsrätten tillhör Living Forum, Kopiera inte texten, citera inte, men förse gärna en vän med länken till sidan. Läs här.


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