Review of the movie Suicide Squad

This movie is about some kind of force that will fight the impossible. What do you fight the impossible with? The impossible. So supernatural criminals seem to be the affected group of people, all in prison. So they get reduced sentences because they join the Suicide squad task force, the inofficial name one of the other prisoners gives the team.

The girls in the team are stereotype, the men too. They are made to look ugly beautiful. Just to keep the viewers attention. Some sci-fi moments in Egyptian style have been incorporated into the film, but thinking of the movie budget, they sure failed. This movie has nothing left to show. Well, beautiful scenes, like artwork, but at the same time the movie fails miserably.

This was a movie that couldn’t keep my attention. That most likely means it’s boring, to boring for me. To much stereotypes, even though extreme versions of such, not mainstream. But still the girls in slim or half-naked outfits. That is just to boring for me. Then the man as bad ass, tattoos and shit. As if criminals only come in that version. They can come in nice outfits and proper hair cuts also, they are to often more scarier, almost serial killer materials. Well, anyway, this movie doesn’t really enjoy me, it’s flat, boring and a pretty boring movie for stereotype versions of Emo.

This movie gets -1 of 5 stars, that is under 0, that is minus. I just saw it since my sibling likes it. But I’m not my sibling and I guess I don’t have this morbid type of movie interest. So this movie fails to satisfy me, it is not entertaining and it is to shallow and boring through out the movie. I cannot recommend the movie to anyone. Sorry. The only good thing is that the movie stars are pretty.

The film music however is really good. At least two songs get 5 out of 5.


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