I stumbled across a town, were I used to live, before I moved to Stockholm.

It sure looks pretty from above. I lived right outside this image, when I used to live there. I lived close to the river. Hmm. Memories. Good times mostly, actually. Miss them. I have both worked and studied there. It is a long time ago now. Time flies. Suddenly you are older. All grown up, not buying your first apartment, car and so on. I was that, back then. Hmm. My first real job. Memories. Friends. A fit body. Hmmm… and it’s all gone. Out to the world, even my body… hehe. Oh. Shit. Memories turns to shit, thinking to much about them. But I couldn’t move back, I don’t know more than my aunt and cousins there. I don’t even remember people’s names. I know two, but I haven’t really been in contact with them for years now. I kept no contact with anyone there. That turns out wrong… I kept contact with those that moved away from there…hehehehe… how strange things turn out.



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