From unauthorized to accepted admission, speak about jump!

Haha, amazing. I am accepted to write a 15 credit thesis in my major! WAOW. I will get my new subject in my degree after all. Amazing. They first said I wasn’t authorised to  apply, but I appealed that. But nothing happened, until now! Jippie! When I logged in I was accepted admission! Great. Wonderful. Fantastic. I will do a thesis in my favorite subject. This will be great fun! I will also study something more. Well. I am glad I am accepted. Finally. It has been really hard to get in to do a thesis in that major. Many applications, but I got in to my first choice after all. Mostly just the art schools have the subject in their programs. But, finally, I will have the thesis my university wanted me to have. Thank you God all mighty. Thank you.

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