People in Berlin killed by a truck

Today people of Berlin where killed in a truck attack, just as one earlier this year. It was a attack against Christianity, a Christmas market, or commercialism. Could be both. Christmas market really has nothing to do with Christianity really, since it is a thing invented by capitalism.

Well. I feel sorry for the Berliners. Around 50 people are injured. 9 dead so far, according to Aftonbladet.

It was a black truck. In African tradition black flag is a symbol for a dark story. Ironic? I don’t know, perhaps on purpose. Google had a google doodle the other day with a black flag. I looked up the meaning and got that meaning. Coinscience? Someone also visited my truck article just the other week. So well. Truck. Black. Then this happens. Feels terrible. Right before Christmas. Sad.

Berliner Zoo seems to be the area of the Berlin-attack.

Irony in this is that it is a Scania truck. I have nothing good to say about Scania, except that the trucks are good. For me a black truck from Scania is a bad story about history. As an employer… they are not good. Needless to say.


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