Goal for the week?

Finish school and on-the-job-training period for this year. Write a report. Fix Christmas at home, you know, prepare for it. Hmm. Only us, the partner and the kid with me and the pets. No sibling. No parents. They are busy. Can happen sometimes. My sibling comes the 25th instead this year. That’s alright.

I had a good day today. Lectures and on-the-job-training too. Tomorrow only on-the-job-training. I passed the on-the-job-training period. Feels good. Just need to write the report and attend these classes and do an exam next year in January. If I pass, then I will be able to study. I have no idea if I’ll pass. But I have 1,5 years to complete my studies. That is how much time I have on the other education I am attending.

Some people think people in the other kind of education are a little bit strange. That is bias, even though I am not saying that it isn’t true that some do yoga and talk to the universe. I am not going to say those people are not attracted to the education, they most certainly are. But that education gives me what the other doesn’t. They have another approach to what I am studying. I very much feel more relaxed and happy there. This other education, that I only have one semester left of, that one is just necessary to have a world wide job market. It can also mean I could work in my kids country of origin for a while. Volunteer. Perhaps for an orphanage. I Don’t know. The future holds what it holds. I have no idea. I make no plans. They might not come true. Better to not have any plans.

My body fails me in many ways. It is fatter than fat. I have pain, constant. I have bad breathing. I am bad at medicating. I must say I don’t do what the doctor tells me to do. My knees are shit. Both. Cannot slalom anymore. I miss the function of skiing and skating. I cannot do them anymore… I feel a little bit sad about that. I could do them, but if I fall, my knees wouldn’t be able to handle the fall… not a good idea. I never thought of that when my knees popped out and I needed to go with the ambulance at my only vacation for years. Hmmm… I was on crutches. Very funny. I am a little bit like that. I injure myself. Therefore I don’t plan. I cannot plan to much.

I am sure glad I saw the band KENT this weekend. Got some happy memories from that. I have also seen Avicii, Tom Odell etecetera. I have also been to the movies a lot. I have seen many films. I think I still have done a  lot and lived life, even though I don’t plan that much. Life happens, when you are busy making plans. So better I keep the plans small.

I also have other issues with health, one day I might not be me anymore. Just look at my relatives with the same condition. They had it bad. I have the same genes. The scan said I have the same issue. So with that I know… that I better not make plans. I try to live here and now, in the moment. Enjoying a wonderful friend, pet, relative, family or nature. As much as I can. Some people have it all, health and still they don’t appreciate the gifts in life. I feel sorry for them. Some self injure themselves with drugs. I feel sorry for them. They haven’t understood the elixir of life.

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