Media rumors

Well, I once wrote an article on my blog:

Last school year I ended up in having to teach kids about that rumor. Isn’t it strange? They had even made a film of the event that the kids got to watch. There I was, having to talk to the kids about social media. Well, now I am studying to be a teacher. My subjects are art, media and IT. So think further, what am I teaching?

Well. I actually can have e-sport. But would not be the coach, I would only grade the student if I had that subject. The coach is often an elite player that wanted to part in another type of career. The top 50 in e-sport can earn money just as a CEO in Sweden in salary. They have commentators and many things. My friend has interviewed gamers for its thesis. I have also asked questions to the gamers. I have also worked as a tester, but not for LOL, CS or such, just for online gaming industry. My class friend asked me “how could you?”. My classmate thinks I prostitute myself when working in online betting industry… oh well, they mostly did games for the state actors(countries) in the world. I know they can have addictions in that. They have warnings systems for players playing too much. At least the state actors in online betting. So I don’t feel so bad, since those where our customers.

Well, then I teach Adobe CC. I teach them media production, film, animation, photographing, podcast, radio etcetera. Of course I have tought image analysis and no I don’t make them sci-fi in class, just on the blogs and in social media. :O). I also teach art classes. Well, this is what I have been doing all this autumn. Creative subjects and the kids have been real good most of the time. Soon it’s Christmas holidays and Christmas is just around the corner. Haven’t decorated much. I have a star, two mini trees and a decorated outside. That is it.

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