The artist experiment

I have used Guinea pigs online, five male artists. No different than Facebook, that experiments with people. They do it all the time, without your knowledge. I have just done it out of pure self interest in a drug free environment. For all those abused kids. For all those that have been lured by idols into drug addictions. For all those people, without a voice to fight this fight themselves. I did it for them. The innocent. The victims.

I have been busy, trying to find out what affects the followers of artists. I have found out that Tom Odells followers more likely are affected by my comments that Tom should quit smoking. However, Iamblackbear followers in majority don’t seem to care, they are like Satanists, rebellious & anarchists really(some write such words that it indicates that, but u cannot draw any conclusions). Then we have Mike Posner, a good guy, that really cannot take critic, which is a little bit sad. I actually don’t dislike any of them, I just want them to understand that they shouldn’t promote drugs in social media, since the people watching them, idolising them, then are more likely to use drugs, just as the idols, to be one in their crowd so to speak. However Toms followers on Instagram want Tom to quit smoking, compared to Iamblackbear. Avicii, he seems like a sensitive boy, I think I affected him in some ways, but he still uses drugs online in social media, which I think is sad. The other, Otto Knows, that I followed I didn’t really write anything to, he also uses drugs online in another way than the mentioned artists, as if it was a luxury and not an addiction. I cannot explain it better. Mike however is the only one that blocked me and removed my commentary. He blocked me twice, so somehow he is affected of what I wrote. The first time around with Mike I was nice and not mean. The second time I was pushing a lot harder. Posting more intensivly on my Twitter and it made him finally remove and then block me on Instagram.
I find these things interesting and I would like to do a full scale study and see how to reach the audiences to take responsibility in drug addictions. The music seems to affect the audiences responses. The type of artist seems to affect how they do react on the critic that I give them. I think Aviciis way of handling the Instagram was the most interesting.