New credits rolling in

Well, passed one. Failed one. Hmm. I can however understand why. I did it in haste. It isn’t due until January and I overdid it that weekend. Didn’t see the date in the system. But no worries. I have time. But I also have an report to write and another exam in January. So I think I have a lot to do. Then a Kent consert to attend. I have seen the band Kent so many times that I have lost count. I love their music. They are unique with their sound. Two of the boys have roots in the same country as me. I have taken all my credits so far during this autumn. I am not behind in anything. So I could say I most likely have around 43 credits so far. Hehe, 30 is fulltime studies, if you didn’t know. Hehe. Still 17hp to go. Oh…. I don’t recommend people to study 203,5%. I know the credits are 200%, but one class doesn’t give the credits until June 2017.

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