Classes of today

Well, I had some good classes today. I am totally satisfied, I can still improve. Tomorrow my professor will participate. I am a little bit nervous, of course. I have also been to an interview, that went fine, but I won’t start working full-time any time soon. I think they wanted me to complete the first education at least. I understand why. They are repsonsible for higher education spots at higher level. They will keep me in their papers I guess. We’ll see what happens. But this first job they had already found someone for. That is because I couldn’t attend last week. I don’t mind. I don’t know yet what to feel. I really need to be there one day and feel the atmosphear. I couldn’t tell. The person interviewing me was new, but a best friend to the owner, but still new to the place. Couldn’t answer all my questions. I felt like I was interviewing him for a while.

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