The world is in a problem state

I read Stephen Hawkings article in The Guardian. I agree, the British research will be affected. Colleges in Europe, that coorporate with the British ETCS system will also be affected, according to legal staff in Swedish college. They believe it will be impossible when Brexit has gone through. One of my educations is actually British ETCS credits, but I will complete my studies before Brexit has effect. I think that the coorporation will be terminated after Brexit. Colleges have to find other institutes than British for the examinations of the students. Bad for Britain. So yes, the research will be affected.

Then he talks about robots taking over. Well, they are, less people are needed to do jobs, than before. I want to add that no AI has been given “Djävlar anamma”, Grit, with other words. This has not been possible to create yet in the AI robots. That is something humanity however can have, not everyone has it though. A childhood friend works with AI. A smart person. But smart enough to give AI “djävlar anamma”? I don’t know…

Unfortunately our future cities are survaillanced and all engineers inventing such technologies where, in fact, naive. Didn’t think of dictators taking over the world. But it is a real threat to humanity. Privacy lack. But technology today is invented wrong. We can change it, but if you continue buying i.e. Iphone, Android and so on, you are going to buy your own tracker. Technology doesn’t need to be this way. It is possible to do it another way, but the public must want it. Right now you give all of you away. All smart phones are bad, however regular phones as well. Bad in more ways than just privacy.

Well, then Hawkings gets all Steiner… wanting no boarders. But so do I. People living in  harmony, diversity and understanding. Utopia perhaps. Possible? Totally.



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