Wedding anniversaries

I looked up what the wedding anniversaries are called. Those that we could have celebrated. None of us celebrates… we don’t seem to remember. I’ve celebrated silk wedding, without celebration that is. I think I am old. I have been married a long time. Time flies. You just get stuck. I am stuck in more ways than one. Old habits die hard. You do them on repeat after a while. I think life in many ways is easier alone. But much happier with a pet. If you love someone, then I think it is better. Being in love is even better, then you don’t see the bad things. I have seen people that are madly in love in each other after many years. Actually a couple where she is about 15 years older than him, they seem to be very much in love. No, he is not ugly. That is a stereotype idea. They just fit each other and want the same things in life. My grandmother had a 15 year younger man, she was with him for a long time before she died. That is the problem sometimes, the old one sometimes dies long before the other. But I think its better to have felt real love than to think of age. If you are happy, then there is no age limit if you both are adults. Good luck to all those that seek love, or why not bromance?

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