School work

I have now completed my home exam and handed it in. Feels okay. I still have one undone from last month. I need to complete that one too. I have started on it, but don’t know where I stored it. My computer is clean, so I have no files on it, but I haven’t looked for the document. I don’t know, perhaps I should do a completely new document? I haven’t decided yet. The coming week I have no on-the-job-training, I am a student all week. I also have a friends funeral to attend and an extra lecture in one of my other classes. I also have to plan a class I hold the week after. Perhaps even a few classes to plan. At least I need to plan the Monday classes. *Pust*. Feel I need to do this one missing. I also think I have some reading to do for next week. I have to check what that was. I think it was an article of some sort. If I had more, I don’t know. I actually don’t know.

I just realised the job interview won’t work. I booked it thinking I was working. But I am not. Hmm. Had to rebook that one. I won’t be available the same hours.

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