Oh, I found some of the reading I needed to do. Funny enough one author is named Hacking. Hilarius, in fact. Well, anyways. I did three home exams today. I did the one I needed to do. I did the one that needed to be done last month. Then I found another one and I did that too, I thought how could I miss that one? But when I handed that one in… I saw it was due in late January 2017. I think I overdid it today. I did 3 home exams in one day. Now I have so little time to read the Hacking document. But I will do it, before I surrender to a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I will once more meet my class mates. I am prepared. I have made lunch. I am going to bring hard bread and tea with me. (I boil water there, of course.) Well, anyway. I don’t find the document I was supposed to read in another subject. I remember the teacher telling us to read something. But I haven’t found it online yet. I have found all other reading schedules. I have now read Monday and Tuesday documents. I still have to do reading for all other days, but I will do that another day. The latest on Tuesday I have to read for Wednesday.

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