Give the hopeless hope

When people are sick the mentality is very important. How you put your mind into fighting off the disease, even in moments of hopelessness it is very important how the mind handles the hopelessness. I think doctor’s should not give “death sentences”, since some people do give up then. I have seen hopeless situations that have worked out fine, since the person has had the will to fight it, even in set backs. I don’t like when doctor’s give up and talk about no treatment anymore. I don’t think no treatment is a solution, unless the patient wants it. People that haven’t accepted a sentence have been known to live way much longer than those that would have given up in the same situations. The mind is very important. You need it, the will power, even though it is hopeless and feels like there is no way out. There is a way out, you just haven’t found it. Humanity doesn’t know everything.

I have seen people survive with bad odds. So don’t take all the doctor’s say for granted. They are not God. Don’t settle for the easiest solution, try to find another way. Perhaps a better doctor, treatment, food or advice from the rest of the world’s population. But in disease, time is crutial, to find a way to get better. So don’t give up and wait. As a friend or relative you can research, ask questions. When people then say they have to wait, then say: “We cannot wait, we must act know, make an exception.” Better to try now, than to wait in some circumstances.

I know people that have lived with brain tumors for 30 years. Others that have died within a year. Their mindset is very important. When you give up, the more likely you are to die. That is my experience from working with sick people or being a friend or relative. Those that go in with a mindset to not die, live longer. Some people are to nice to fight it, they have lived perfect lives and are happy with all they have accomplished. You need to help them to get hope. Telling them they can give up, if they need, is a way to let them go on to the next life after death. That is not the way, if you want them to live. But for who do you want them to live? In the end it is a personal decision. But you can give hope. Statistics, treatments. Give them the stories of those that made it, even though in hopeless situations with bad outcomes. You need them to set their mind into thinking it is possible to survive and live long. The key is in the mind. Some sickness the treatment is all you need, but in some cases you also need the mind. Better odds if the mind is set to survive, than a mind set to “giving up”. So set their mind to “I am going to survive”,  that will make them stay in this life longer than without.

Hope, is the most important, to survive. A goal can be important too. However, some give up after reaching a goal, keep that in mind. So the right way to set goals. Talk about a new goal before one is reached. Set a new before, but not so it feels hopeless. Find the balance.

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