Christmas dresses

Every christmas I have dressed up in my kids home countries traditional everyday clothes. The kid too. But now, when the kid has been to its first charter trip, we bought dresses that are typical for that country. The kid wants us to dress in that this Christmas. So this Christmas we dress up in those clothes. Hehe. I also have Arabian clothes, that are up to Islamic traditions, hehe. I could dress in those too. I don’t think the kid thought of those. I might be too fat though. I think I might be. Well, so this Christmas we will wear another countries clothes.

My class mates partner is back in its country of origin right now and it will buy a new dress to our kid, in the traditional clothes. It will be interesting to see what it comes home with next year.

My mother also wears the traditional clothes from my kids country too, when it is not working, taking care of all the patients. Having parents in power plants and nursing homes means we cannot always meet at Christmas. If they are working the kid usually goes to them a couple of days during the winter holidays, when they are not working. Last year it stayed over new years. My sibling always comes up for Christmas. But if they have a kid of their own, then it will be our time to go to them every Christmas. The one that has the smallest children has the privilage to stay at home and the others come there. My partners siblings, which are many, still have no kids, but they are all younger. Some have stayed single on purpose, the oldest of the siblings has done that. Forever single. A good looking, really nice person, that would be a dream for anyone. But the person has no need, so it decided to tribute its life to working and the hobbies. It likes music a lot and knows a lot about a lot of music. A guru really. If you want a living music dictionary, then that person is definately someone you could ask. The person is legally blind, but still goes to conserts, enjoying. The person does see, but the person cannot read the top line at the eye doctor’s and therefor my partners sibling is legally blind.

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