Interesting lecture

I loved a lecture we had. The lecture was as any lecture, but it gave stereotype ideas to what we got a lecture about. I learned history from yet another point of view, as well as present time. Nothing new really, but the other things they said where very interesting. I won’t hold a lecture. But I thought that the lecturer was interesting. It said something about itself that I could relate to. But at the same time a different type of idea it had. It said something in the line it thought it could be a boy anytime if it wanted too. It was a male women really. Well. I can relate to that. I have a male gender inside. But I am a women on the outside. I have accepted my body. I see past gender. I like more than just a bisexual, therefore I call myself multisexually orientated. I have explained it before. But that is not the point. I see myself as male, but I am glad I can dress any way I want. I like clothes and have my own style. Had I been a man I couldn’t have dressed the same, perhaps, due to ideas about how genders should dress. I haven’t cross dressed, but I have dressed neutral when I was younger. Levis 501 and t-shirt is pretty neutral. And a jacket in unisex model. Back then they could mistake my gender. They don’t anymore, to fat, to much parts don’t look male, if you ask me. But I still act as a man. I sit with my legs wide. I am open in my body language and not closed, as a stereotype view of body language stipulates. Not all the time, but often. I can be both. I fluxate between the both genders. Also in behavior I fluxuate. I can be stereotype male in humor and talk. I have been told “You’re one of us.” in groups of only men at work places. They never seem to remember I am not their gender. They are still acting like men even when I am around, without treating me as other than a man. Don’t even ask, but this is how it is. I have however also worked in places with often older men, that treat me less, perhaps because of my gender or apperance, I really haven’t asked. I should have been born a man and many times I wish I was. But I am happy with what I got anyway. But if I could have chosen, I had been male, since my mind is male, even in body. I cannot explain this better. My partner knows this. I have always been upfront. But I am female enough for a partner that likes females. For me the gender isn’t important. Well, anyway. I am very male in the relationship in many ways, but I am still stuck in stereotype roles in other ways, like cleaning up. But in other ways I am not. I take care of many “male” things. I am according to no specification, I gender cross boundaries. It can be hard for people that meet me to understand. I don’t tell them I am both and see myself as male inside. I also see myself as female. I like fashion, interior design, design, art and many things that are expected by stereotype expectations. But I have had male hobbies growing up. Dressed very close to male. But I dress female now, as an adult.

Well. That was interesting, seeing someone accepting to be a women, but acting as a man, just like me… but at the same time acting as a women. We are like without boundaries. I see you as that too. Dress anyway you want. Look like a women, even if man, I wouldn’t mind. I think that is beautiful too. Look like a man, even if you are a women, without being lesbian. Be as you are. Any way you want to be. I accept you as you are. You are just perfect. In every way. Don’t change for this world. If they want you too, they are wrong and not you. Love yourself, just the way you are. Accept it, embrace it. The others that value on stereotypes have a narrow world view. Everybody narrows down the world with stereotypes, me too, but I try to open up and keep an open mind. Who knows what wonderful people we might meet this way? Perhaps a dream friend, partner or anything really? Imagine how wide range of people you could know, if you just kept an open mind. Imagine all adult people being possible relatives, partners, colleagues, country men, neighbours or friends. Everybody is just fine as they are in the gender they are, so let them be them true self, don’t try to change adults from their true genders.

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