Assignment done

Yet another assignment handed in. Found a sentence that spoke to me and said something smart about it. Hopefully. Gonna do another assignment after this. Not now, but in the week. Then I have a must do this coming week. A home exam. Shit. Then I have a assignment I should have done one month ago. Don’t know when I will do that one. Well, I think those are the once I have.

  1. Home exam, must be handed in soon.
  2. Rewrite a home exam, even though I don’t have to, but I want to.
  3. Old home exam that I haven’t handed in at the right time.

I think that is about it. The first one is the most difficult one. But the third is difficult in another way. I actually did start on it… but it’s not in the computer… So with the 3 above I have done 3 as well this month. So I guess I had six assignments.

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