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Doctor Strange is a strange name indeed. When he says his name people don’t understand he replays with his name, they think he replays with a word. The main character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also plays roles in Enigma, Sherlock Homes and Star Trek Into Darkness etcetera. The movie has similarities in the movie genre of Inception. The world twists in the same ways really. I am sure glad I didn’t watch this movie in 3D, I think my world would have been spinning if I would have watched it with 3D-movie-quality. This is however not a Inception movie, this is more like the Golden compass, with sorcery and martial arts, spiced with some matrix fighting, really.

My partner thought the movie was going to be over sooner than it was, however I don’t think this genre overall is something that appeals my partner. I however thought the movie really didn’t get to start. It was over so fast, but I understand that it was a long film. 1h 55 minutes. It could have been a little bit longer, it still wasn’t boring. The movie has a complicated world view, it changes it to a alternative world, so I guess this is fantasy, sci-fi or something like that.

Those that love Asian costumes will love the costumes in this film. Not that it is realistic or anything. I know how important clothing is in Asia and this is another style really, inspired by it only. Asian fashion is complicated and cloth, pattern, style, how the dress is worn and such is important and this is not the Kimino-style, this is something else. It is a Asian custom film, but at the same time not a historic one, but with influences of it, more fantasy. The environments are the old Asian style. Brown and wooden colors really. A mix of Indian and Chinese, China town and so on. The movie is partly set in the past, but yet in the present. The old clothes are a type of Creed Assassin style. This came into my mind all the time. The fighting scenes and clothes remind me of that.

So what is this film about? Well it is about a doctor Strange, successful neurosurgeon that looses his hands functionality to be a surgeon in an accident. He has a hard time to overcome this. One day he is proven that people can overcome and create miracles. He is curious of how that even was possible, so he sets out to find out. The answers are not what he expects, but he travels to a place in Asia, to meet the Ancient Guru. He is kicked out after his first meeting, he is afterall a bit arrogant, but the Guru still shows him the proof of an alternative reality, before kicking him out. Anyway, this man doesn’t give up and he is then accepted as apprentice. He starts learning about the Gurus teachings. Doctor Strange has a photographic memory and he can read fast. He seems to have a gift for sorcery and then the story sets off.

In this story, as many other, there is a bad guy. It is a former apprentice, of course. Remind you of Star Wars and the Jedi? Well, it is the same story, just a different setting and story about time, space, reality, dimensional beings and such, in a Assassin Creed setting. It is a beautiful movie more than a good story. They give the movie a real ending, but then they give the after texts and then after those… they twist it, to make it possible to produce yet another story, about Asa-Gods and Doctor Strange. Hollywood hasn’t gotten enough stories, so they are grasping for mixed productions.

I think this movie could have been longer and given a more interesting view of the Guru’s life and sacrifices, but we are left with no real knowledge. This is the way of the film, no background facts. Just focus on the fighting scenes, that are really beautiful. It is sad, since this movie could have been so much more. What is is good, but the story is missing. Therefore I guess I never thought the movie really started.

It is more an artistic movie than any other. The story is somehow just lame, but the thoughts are precisely what would fit a good Sci-Fi like Star Trek, an alternative world view. Everything isn’t what it seems. The movie has deep philosophical views and those are rather interesting. Not new to me. But I like that they have made a movie about it. So what do we really know about reality, really? Who knows, reality today might be fiction tomorrow and vice versa. Just saying. See it if you like beautiful movies and fighting in unreal worlds.

The movie gets a passing grade 2 out of 5 stars. Perhaps being a beautiful movie with good actors, but a movie without a really good background story just isn’t enough for me?

Doctor Strange, image linked to original source
Doctor Strange, image linked to original source

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