Why I don’t emigrate

Even though I don’t like some of the Swedish attitudes in many cases I cannot emigrate. Most of my family lives in Sweden. Uncles, aunts, parents, sibling and other relatives live in Sweden. My kids relatives also live in Sweden on my partners side. I have some relatives in my home country too. But most of all, I have a kid. Even if I would divorce and leave my partner, I could never leave my kid. I want to be a responsible adult and take care of what I have agreed up on. See to that this kid reaches adulthood in a safe environment. Kids that have lost their biological parents once makes them even more vulnerable and I need to hold that responsibility. I am there until it reaches adulthood. That means staying in Sweden, if my partner doesn’t want to move anywhere. Getting a divorce doesn’t mean I can go. Unless I would live maximum 1 hour away with air plane and have enough money for the kid to fly to and from Sweden every second weekend all year around, then I could live further away, but not much more than that. Anyway, having relatives in this land makes me stay, even though I don’t like Sweden in many ways. In some ways I do. In others I want to change Sweden. Well, anyway. Even if you don’t like the country where you live, some things still hold us within that country. I might want to live elsewhere, but it isn’t easy. Even if my partner would move with me, I still have relatives I don’t want to leave. It is complicated. Perhaps I move when I retire, to a warmer country, where it is not so cold, if I can. Life is what life is. But as my life is now, I am tied to Sweden for a long time to come. I perhaps could live somewhere in Europe, but not to far away. When retired it would be nice to have warmer climate. Being older also would mean that the kid is grown. Perhaps the kid want to live somewhere else. I perhaps might follow it there. I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t even make plans.

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