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The movie Trolls, from DreamWorks is a children’s movie. It is an animated film and the film looks like a hairy wool environment, like an ad for wool toys really. So it seems as a campaign for wool toys, since everything in this film looks like wool. The nature, the trolls, their clothes, their houses, furniture and even the cloud animals look like wool. They also make a lot of scrap booking… hehe.

Perhaps a vegan is behind the film. It seems like that way. The big trolls eat the little trolls, because they are so unhappy and when they do, they get the little trolls happiness, since they are very happy all the time. The big trolls have lost contact with their happiness. Hehe. It is a hilarious topic, but vegans come up in my mind seeing this film. Surely they must be vegans trying to brain wash kids into vegans or veggies, not eating animals. The trolls are served alive, do I need to point that out? Even though there is a evil, female chef, that “cooks” and prepares them, they are mostly served whole in this film.

Well, the happy trolls live on music, dancing and partying. A little bit shallow, if you ask me. It is really a musical for kids. Since I saw the Swedish version, the songs had been changed to Swedish. We also have Swedish stars in our version, not the original English speaking stars. Otherwise it was top hit songs, except that I heard Swedish covers really.

My kid says it gives five kids stars out of five to the movie. The kid thought the movie was short, but it wasn’t, but I guess this means it wasn’t boring. I, as a parent, give 3 out of 5 childrens movie stars. This is for the political message, veganism, the thread of design through out the movie, also the message in the end and the nostalgia for my toy trolls in the 1980’s. See it, if you must.


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