Old Swedish textile industries left Sweden with poison grounds


In Sweden we used to have textile industries. My grandmother worked in the textile industry. The Swedish textile industry had poisons in the production and it was heavy work. Not many could work a full life lenght in the textile industry. Many got sick.

Well, there are many reports on how the grounds still are full of poison, even though we no longer have the textile industries in Sweden. The grounds are still full of poison. Didn’t we learn anything from that? No, since we now are poisoning in Asia instead. People get sick and grounds are poisoned.

In Swedwatch report you can read about the history of poisons in the textile industry, from wich we import to our countries in the world.

My professor has written about the textile industry in Norrköping. It was a harsh industy that left the city with a terrible smell. It smelled sour cinnemon buns. I am glad to say it no longer does. However Holmen still smells some days. Also Händelöverket smells. Those are burning garbage and making paper. No poison though. In Norrköpings statsmuseeums pdf you can read about how the work was done.

There is an article in aktuellhallbarhet about the poisons in our textiles. They have based the article on research from Stockholm university, one of my universities by the way. Giovanna Luongo has proven that the chemicals contains toxins for water organisms. The toxins where still in the clothes after washing, affecting the wearer of clothes.

Sound right? Getting sick from your clothes? Or making the grounds full of poison, so you can wear a new fashion item every season? Sounds right? Do you feel okay that a Indian is getting sick, so you can get a black piece of cloth? Sound right? Do something. Now. Change the world. Join me.





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