Lack of clean water is a problem

drops-of-water-water-nature-liquid-40784WWF has created a report about cotton. 1,1 billion people in the world lack clean water. With this disease and health issues. Lack of clean water is a threat to the environment and animals. Animals and plants are decreasing, the WWF write in the report.

We all need the environment to sustain. We need animals. We are dependent on the eco-system. We cannot live without it. Without them we have no food, no oxygen, no water, that is a fact you cannot neglect. Yet you do, if you say you don’t care about the environment. It is not enough to say you do – you need to really do something to care for it. Recycle. Don’t use poison.

However WWF writes that 25% of the worlds pestisides are used by the worlds cotton production. This is even though only 2,5% of the Earth farm land production is cotton. The workers can get sick and poisoned by the work with cotton.

Cotton growth needs a lot of water. It is not long-lasting (hållbar).

So cotton = a lot of poison and water in production. Bad for nature, humans and animals.

Read the complete report here:


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