Highest CO2-levels in 3 million years in Hawaii


Does that sound good? I think not. But NOOA has measured these levels on Hawaii and Arctic. 400ppm in March 2015.(aktuellhallbarhet.se) So does Donald still think it doesn’t affect the environment? You know, we need oxygen to survive. If humanity changes the oxygen and CO2 levels we won’t be able to live anymore. We will have to buy air. Only the rich will be able to live. Then who is going to do the work? I just wonder. The rich will have to have robots or do the work themselves. Imagine oxygen costing money.

Even if Donald Trump doesn’t believe he must listen to facts. This is facts. We need oxygen to survive. We need plants to make oxygen. We must have balance. Anyone can understand that. Do something about this now! Decrease the CO2 pollution now!





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