Colorful coral reefs gone 2050?

Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef

The colorful coral reefs are dying. The oceans are connected and affect each other. The reeves are dying and they are all going to be dead the year 2050 if it continues to die in this pace. The population of humanity is the reason for it. Our way of life is the reason for coral reefs dying out. I have swimmed among colorful fishes and coral reefs and it is a loss for mankind to never see these colorful reefs again. Imagine all life in the sea dead. Many animals are dependent on the life in the sea, even you as a human being. Imagine what an impact it would have. Many people would starve to death. Perhaps you would starve? Many people would be affected of dead oceans. It would disturb a complicated eco-system. Perhaps it would start a chain reaction and kill more nature and animals? I am thinking it will. Still you don’t want to contribute? You must recycle. Think of the waste you create. Do better than you are. Save the environment.

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