Perhaps I need to go to a doctor. I went to the movies and my knee couldn’t take it walking back to the car without snapping all the time. I had knee protector. I had to tighten it. My knee keeps on snapping. It is like it is not fixed or not in totally the right place. It makes a sound as well. It is a bit insecure feeling to walk with such a bad knee. I was thinking of using my crutches, but they make me have a back back. My back is shitty and my leg is totally out of order. It cannot walk fast. I know I should be home, not walking in stairs at work. But I cannot redo the on-the-job-training-period. But I should be home, on part-sick-leave. I can study, but I shouldn’t be up and running. I stand as a teacher. I walk. I don’t sit that much. My knee just wants to rest. It hasn’t gotten pain most of the time, but at the moment it burns in the knee. I cannot explain. But usually periosteum(benhinna) can have a burning sensation if its somehow not in good condition. My partner thinks I should go to the doctor. But I already know that the regular doctor cannot do anything. They don’t even have the right equipment. I guess it will heal by itself. It usually does, but I don’t know how to make it heal better. But my knee popping, that wasn’t before the accident. I don’t know if I should have it checked out more before I go to the physio therapist, I am free some mornings. I could go that time, but I think it is to early to go… I think my knee is worse now. I have three injuries in it, two have semi healed. One of the old injuries is still there, this I could see during the examination, perhaps it is even worse. My leg is instable. This is most likely due to me injuring myself again and not having done physio therapy due to lack of time. The muscles haven’t been built up. But I haven’t been in pain, like last year and I am glad for that.

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