Facebook discriminates people that look different

One of the things that is a no no for me, for an employer, is discrimination. That is actually why I told my consultant agency once up on a time, that no I don’t want to be a technical writer at a company. They discriminated an employee and I saw it all happen. That is a deal breaker for me. So when I had done my mission I didn’t accept a new mission there. Simple as that. I hate companies that discriminate. Facebook is one of those companies that discriminates. They discriminate people who look different and this is not the first time they have done that.

The recent thing was a fire fighter that got burned at the age of 24. His images got censored by Facebook. Talk about being discriminated. In the Aftonbladet article the fire fighter says that if that had happened at the age of 24 he likely would have felt sad and offended. The Aftonbladet article says that Facebook backs from the event and says it was a mistake. It is very interesting to see how bad competence the Facebook company seems to have in so many ways. They have a war against their users. It is very interesting to have followed them over the years and see one bad thing after another. Facebook never seems to learn? Or employ competent people for that matter either?



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