How do I get work permit in Sweden if I don’t have a valid passport?

Well, if you want to work in Sweden you need:

A valid passport included in the application for work VISA. However if you don’t have that you can get a Alien passport in the country you have permanent or temporary residence permit/card. You simply give the Alien passport documentation or travel documentation in you work permit application to Sweden. You must also include your temporary or permanent VISA in the country you are in. I have asked Migrationsverket about this. I asked them if that will give any problems and they said no, there is no real difference in applying for jobs if you include these documents instead of a valid passport. You will still have the same possibility to get a work permit in Sweden, if you are offered a job that has been displayed 2 weeks at So, apply for a job, even if you don’t have a valid passport. Take a chance. Realize your dreams, what ever they may be. Even if you don’t have a valid citizenship it wasn’t a problem Migrationsverket said. Migrationsverket handles all immigrations to Sweden.

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