American president

It looks like the president won’t be a women after all… So the Americans didn’t have better people for the presidency? Actually they do, but the Americans don’t want those as presidents. They seem to want Donald Trump. A sexist, bias guy, that thinks it is alright to mock handicapped people, to fuck the environment and to use women for their own benefit. Well, con gratulations world! So if he now becomes president, perhaps he needs to learn the school of life. We, the population of Earth, needs to teach Donald. My suggestion is you all start teaching Donald how to not be a sexist, trigger happy weapons lover, that it is not alright to mock anyone, no matter what, that the environment matters to all of us and so on. So start blogging, tweeting, writing letters to the white house. Go and meet the man and talk to him. Every moment you get – teach him. With the power he needs knowledge, which he seems to lack in so many ways. So the world – teach Donald to be a human being and what it means to be humane.

You need to teach him. He cannot be a unconsiderate person anymore.

Donald Trumps Twitter:

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