Facebook discriminates people who look different

Facebook discriminates people. In Expressen we can read that Facebook censors injured people. I think it is terrible that Facebook censors people who look different. The people in question have done nothing wrong, they exist, they are people, just wanting to share moments in their lives. Does Facebook have the right to censor someones images just because they look different?  People that look different are already discriminated in the world. Does Facebook also need to add-on to the feeling of being discriminating? Obviously they do. A fire fighter, that was injured at the age of 24 got his pictures removed at a friend’s account on Facebook. All because he has burned injuries from the incident many years ago. I have always said that Facebook wages a war against its users. They lack people with knowledge at Facebook. I find that very strange. They do mistake after mistake. Facebook has so many bad issues. Yet they continue to violate people every day. People and companies still use them. I wish they wouldn’t. I hate Facebook. I don’t like such a company that they represent. Terrible people. They are just a terrible Facebook company.