I am a student

I work for a living. Currently I have been avoiding some of my work, since my back couldn’t take it after this summer. So I work at my other job. I have no student loans either, but thinking of perhaps taking that, but I haven’t. I rather not have student loans. I am supported by my partner… I know. Not the best of situations, but that is how it is. I get a little amount from the state every month, a student fund. I am dependent totally on my partner. But it is only 2 more years. Then my salary is supposed to be from 30 000SEK and above, less than I had in IT. At the most the new occupation will pay 40 000SEK per month, which is more than I was paid before. However I have no intentions of working full-time. Just saying. Perhaps 50%. It depends on what I am working with. I might work 80%, maximum 4 days per week. But full-time is not for me, want time on my own and for my family life. I just take one half year at a time, trying not to think of the future too much. I don’t want to be disappointed.

Our lecturer said something in line “when you all are…”. I then said, I am not sure. He was so disappointed on me. But I said I only take half a year at a time. My goal right now is to finish this half year. I haven’t set the goal longer than that for that education. The other education I have however set for 2 years. I have other expectations on that education. I favor that one. I know he was disappointed, because of the things he said on our presentations. I think he admires me. He said only the really experienced would do such a presentation as I did. Not beginners. He is right and I know I might have such skills, but I am not a skilled student. A skilled student has all A’s and does everything on time, doesn’t need to redo stuff. I am not one of those… hehe.