How to get a home in Sweden?

Well, if you already got the job, the living quaters isn’t an issue. Usually a job contract is enough to be allowed to rent. There are however rules on how expensive you may rent, it is dependent on your income. The rules are set up by the landloards. There are a lot of rental homes in Sweden and if you’ve got money, you can buy your living quaters.

In Sweden we have different kind of living arrangements, these are some:

  • Rental apartments
  • Rental attached houses
  • Rental deattached houses
  • Rental rooms
  • Co-living apartments/houses/rooms etcetera

It is common to pay rent in advance and many only require one rent in advance. However some landlords can require more. But here you need to be careful. There have been scams on the rental part. Some people have “faked” a rental apartment and people didn’t get any apartment, but lost all the money they paid in advance. Common is to pay one rent in advance.

All the rentals belonging to a company are rent controlled. Hyresgästföreningen are the ones that have to approve the rents sat together with the landlords. Newly renovated apartments/houses may get higher rents.

Then you can own your own living quarters. There are different arrangements:

Buy part of a property that is set up as a company. Not that easy to get a loan for those, but if you already got the money then this is no problem.

Buy a condoue. You buy the right to live in one of the apartments or houses that belong to the “förening”. You have a monthly fee. If you don’t pay the fee, you can lose the apartment.

Buy a house. You have to pay the house. First there is a downpayment, on 10%. Then the law says you have to pay 15% cash and the rest you can loan from a bank. Of course you can pay all cash too. Usually a house is connected to a “samfällighet”. It is a sort of fee for common grounds like lights, roads and other infrastructure. Some have more included and then the fee is higher. You cannot disconnect from the “samfällighet”, you just have to pay the fees. For a house there are 2 extra fees on top of the house price. They are “stämplingsavgift” and “lagfart”. Those two things are needed in order to get bank loans as well. You might already have to have that money in cash, not all banks agree to loans for that.

Buy an apartment that is not a condoue, but another form of living. They have their own “lagfart”. Then you are a property owner, as if it was a house. You have bought the ownership.

There are additional forms of living arrangements as well, but those are more for summer houses. They are in different forms like “arrende”, that means you own the house but not the land, the land you rent. You have good rights and cannot lose the property that easy. You can even sell the arrende to someone else.

Your house, that you bought can either own the land or rent the land. If you own it, it is called “friköpt” and if you rent from the town/city it is called “tomträtt”. For a tomträtt you don’t own the land, the city/town does. But you have the same rights as a real land owner, except that you pay a fee for the land each year. If the land is your, it is friköpt and that land has no fees.

How do I find rental apartments and property for sale?

Well, in each town in Sweden there are usually landlords. Every city has a homepage. I.e. Gothenburg has Usually all towns have a homepage. Under “boende” you usually find landlords. Boende is “living arrangements” in Swedish. Landlords have rental apartments, houses, facilities, garages, parking spaces etcetera.

On sites like, you can find both rental and property for sale. On sites like you can find “andra-hands-boende”(second hand lease, someone else has the lease or ownership and you rent from them) as well as proptery for sale and regular rentals.

You can also buy some newly builds. Then we have Ikanobostad, JM, NCC, Skanska etcetera. They are big builders and have a lot of new property for sale. Here are some sites:

Landloards have their own homepages. You can find them by searching on the words “hyreslägenhet”, “uthyres”, “lägenhet” and the town you want to live in. For me all this is easy, but I guess for others, not from Sweden it might not be…


First you write a contract about a rental. It needs to be signed by both parties. You might need to copy identity cards and see both, so you know the person really exists.

On the contract personal number, name, address and such most be written. The date of moving in and what date the contract is signed. Some require more information.

Then you will have to pay the first rent before the end of the month prior to moving in. You get the keys 12.00 the day the rental agreement starts. Usually you should get 3 keys, if you don’t you have the right to a new lock for the rental. The landlord has to change the lock.


If you rent there are restrictions to what you can do in the apartment. You cannot paint, change colors and such without permission from the landlord. If you own your living quarters, you can do as you please inside almost. Building permit might be needed for changing the plans and such. I am not explaining this. I know a lot about these things as well, but it is another article. There are a lot of rules and laws that control everything in Sweden.

Who can own property?

Anyone. There are no rules to who can buy or not, if you have the money. However the apartments have a “förening” and they can set up rules for who can and cannot. Companies are not allowed to buy apartments in some of these “föreningar”, that is a rule they can set up for instance. But usually someone with money can buy any property for sale. As long as you can show you have the money they require. The one that sells is the one that decides, they may choose who they like. However condoues buyers most be approved by the “förening” (bostadsrättsförening) and they can say no, even if you thought you bought it. Well, we have a lot of rules, don’t we? I have tried to simplify, since I know a lot of the rules, it is complex really. There are many can and cannot, but it would be to complicated to explain all.

 Can I get help renting an apartment?

Your contractor can lease the apartment for you. And if you know people, they might help you out. I know how to get living quarters since I am resourceful. When I got a job in Stockholm I had an apartment within a week. Even when people say it’s impossible, I say it is doable.


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