How to get work permit in Sweden?

Well, you have to have an job offer. The job must be placed in an ad in for 2 weeks. All applicants have to be reviewed as usual. If a Swede could do the job they are allowed to be considered first. However depending on how the job ad is written, you from another country might be the only one with that competence according to the ad. Ads can be very specific. The more specific competence you have and it is connected to the ad, the more likely you are the only candidate. Usually you will then get the work permit.

A company needs to hire you. You need to be given a job offer after answering an job ad, that has been advertised 2 weeks at, this is very important. If that is not done you can lose the work permit and then you have to go back. The paper work and all fees must always have been paid according to rules.

The work permit must be extended. You can change jobs, but they also need to be advertised in the proper channels. You also need to get minimum salary according to “kollektivavtal”, union agreements between the company and a union. It is very important that all the fees, money and such are paid to the state for the employee, no money can be missing. All documents need to be documented and included every time the work VISA is extended.

There are other things to consider as well:

  • You must have a valid passport (Alien passport is valid documentation, according to Migrationsverket)
  • you must have been offered a job that fulfills the requirements on Swedish “kollektivavtal” accordingly.
  • you are offered a salary that others also have in that line of work and occupation (as the kollektivavtal requires).
  • Your salary must be at least 13 000 SEK per month before taxes.
  • the employer must insure you with sick leave insurance, life insurance, safety insurance and pension(tjänstepension) when you start your new job.

Some countries and occupations have different rules.

Special VISA:s are given to:

Artists, au pair, berry pickers, guest scientists, athletes and interns must apply for a blue EU-card. (EU-blåkort).You need a college degree on 180 credits or 5 years or work experience within the field for those jobs. They are called high qualification occupations. After working five years you can get permanent work VISA after applying. Then you will be free to work and study in all of EU.

You need these documents:

  • copies of the pages of your passport that show identity information, photo, signature, pass port number, country that has created the passport, valid period and if you have work permit in other countries than the original. (Alien passport is valid documentation, according to Migrationsverket)
  • job offer and a union statement where they have looked at the work conditions being offered. This you should get from your employer.
  • graduation documentation or other documentation from your university or work documents that show your previous employers. You need to prove your work experience at relevant employers.
  • copy of current blue card, if you have that from any other EU-country.

Asylum seekers have other rules:

If you are a asylum seeker prior to all above there are these rules:

A asylum seeker doesn’t need a work permit (someone that has AT-UND) to work in Sweden, but can work without a work permit. In Sweden the asylum seekers have a LMA-card, there you can see if they have AT-UND status. When you hire a asylum seeker you use the form “Anmälan om anställning av asylsökande – för arbetsgivare som anställer en asylsökande”. A receiver unit will receive the form where the asylum seeker is listed.

The company that hires:

The employee must apply for the work permit. The employer fills out a “job offer” and includes the statement from the union of the working conditions. These documents are included in the application.

Work offer form, number 232011. If the job offer included many people and working conditions you use the other form, 234011. Include the job offer in the form “Anställningserbjudande”, number 232011.

Anställningserbjudande, blankett nummer 232011 (på svenska och engelska)PDF

Namnlista, blankett nummer 234011 (på svenska)PDF

The job offer must include

  • organisational number for the company
  • SSYK-code
  • personal details about the person that is hiring.
  • how the job ad has been visible and when and the ID-number for the ad. ( ads are valid)

Use Statistiska centralbyråns (SCB) codes according to Standard for work occupations (SSYK2012) with the application for a work permit. You find the SSYK-codes on SCB’s homepage. ( You can check the codes at the form: Sök efter SSYK2012-koderPDF on Migrationsverkets homepage.

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