Someone knows what I shop. I was at the store and then a visitor with the name of what I bought visits my blog. I meet a person one day and the same day someone visits a page that happens to contain that name in the title. This has been going on for far to long. What I do, is then clicked about on my blog the same day. Many things can be connected to the computers. Many things can be seen there. All electronics can be surveillanced. The police cannot do anything, even though they understand that someone surely is surveillanceing me. It is not a crime to click on a link. I cannot prove that anything has been compromised, even though it surely has. I cannot really tell anyone other than the police, since it would put me in a strange position, Even if I have nothing transmitting there are no guarantees. To many things are not coincidence anymore. Just saying. Someone insane is doing all those things. That is my honest point of view.

The interesting thing is, that I am legal. I am a legal person. Everything I say, write or do, is legal. I follow Swedish law. I am a legal person. So the people doing all those things, they are not, they are illegal. If they have hacked into several systems…

I rather would want everyone to have anonymity and therefore I don’t like that someone is doing all this. People deserve their integrity. I this is a problem. I deserve my integrity. I own my information. I want to chose what I share. I haven’t chosen to share anything that I haven’t blogged about.

So I now will put a spell on the person surveillancing me. Anyone that surveillance my technology at will, will now get sick and die, that is the spell. So if you want to live, then stop now. The only one that is allowed to keep track and analyse my technologies is me, not anyone else! The ones that host my services are free to host them, they are not affected by spell.

Since the person tells me that is it surveillancing me, is it trying to get me scared? I am not. I never get scared about such things. I never have. So that is in vain. I won’t be silent. Just saying. Fuck off. If I get to know who you are, then you should be scared, if your reasons are not okay by me, just saying. I rather have real phone call from a real person, if you have any questions. I am a real person. Just try to pick up the phone. My partner is listed in the phone book, it is very easy to make that call. Just saying.

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