Jason Bourne 5 – Movie review

Well, the movie Jason Bourne is full with spying, hacking and action. The action turns unreal in the final fight, to much fighting if you ask me. Hollywood made it unrealistic and just to much, anyone would have been dead after a few of those punches. Well, he turns “fairy-tailish”, because of that. Well, this time Jason knows who he is. Once more Matt Damon plays Jason. He seems unknowledgable about IT, but perhaps he wanted to be tracked in the beginning, I don’t know. But then he knows how to put on the building fire alarms in a whole neighbourhood as well as turn off all elevators. He sure is a building handyman, but no computer wiss. That is a little bit fun. This episode Jason is doing what really? I don’t seem to remember really. What is he doing? What is the story really? Somehow there isn’t a story, but it is entertaining and thrilling anyway. You don’t have time to think, the film keeps rolling and you have to keep up the pace. But now, after movie I am thinking, what was the story really? There wasn’t really a story, it is more of Jason being the feather in the wind, blowing in any direction that he gets caught in. Circumstances rule Jason, he adapts to the circumstances and coups with it. Perhaps that is the Borne genre, seeing how a person caught in the line of fire turns it to his own benefit? Once again Jason lures a woman to his side. It is very strange, is he that irresistible? I just realise this is a strange review and perhaps the header should have been something else. But there is a parallel story, about Deep dream(or was it the other way around?), it is a social media guru named Aaron that sold his soul to the CIA, so that they could surveillance the whole world. Why does that sound like a parallel to a dead genius and then Facebook in one? Well, it does. So the movie is suggesting that perhaps social media owners are pushed by the CIA to do things, that they perhaps don’t want to do? Well… that is a critic in the movie. Even Snowden is mentioned in the movie. Talking about that, there is a movie about Snowden, they showed a trailed about it. Well, Jason Bourne gets 3 out of 5 stars, even if there is to much violence in a fight. As usual some people die, even though you don’t want them to die, but they show us the killing machines and how taking a life has no remorse. If you don’t like murder, revenge and seeing how Hollywood turns cars into shit, since you care about the environment, then this is a bad movie. If you don’t care that Hollywood makes toast of a lot of things, you like unrealistic action that no human alive could survive and you like people like Bourne being feathers in the wind, with no real substance and no real story telling, then this is the movie for you! You will keep up the pace, you won’t be tired and you will get a lot of action and demolition, as well as murders like you where walking inside a war game. This movie is like an advanced gaming experience really. Still I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Very strange… see it if you must.

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