White house built by slaves

In the Democrat convention Michelle Obama held a speech, according to Aftonbladet TV. She talked about the house she lives in, I am guessing she means the White house. She lives and wakes up in that house everyday, that is built by slaves. (Partly, since I am guessing other’s also worked there too, like boss’s and regular workers as well.)

I think that it is good that a black family finally entered the White house. It was the first one. I however also think it needs a women president, but that has not yet happend, unfortunately. However accepting a person that media has reported is a racist doesn’t seem to be no problems for many Americans… Donald Trump has been accused to be racist in media(SVD)… what am I to say? If a racist enters the white house to live there as president it will be a insult to the slaves that did build the White house. Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be an insult, considering his belief system. However, people in democracies, that don’t see more than they want to see, chose what they want to chose, how unfortunate that might be.

Well. I think it is a honor for the slaves that participated in the build of the White house to have a black family there, then it wasn’t in vain they built it.

I just hope a future president tries to make the poor richer and the richer poorer and brings equality and a green thinking of the environment to the USA. Everybody needs access to good health care, dental care, child care and schools. Those things shouldn’t be a matter of income.




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