Star Trek Beyond – review

So, then the Star Trek Beyond film finally premiered even in Sweden. It went up in theaters and of course, it gave me a nausea feeling when the movie set was spinning around in the IMAX theater. Not recommended, couldn’t even look at the movie screen. It was like being in a carousel and those I cannot stand.

Well, back to the movie. The film was a Star Trek this time around. We get to know a little bit more to the story this time, but still it is to much focus on special effects and action scenes, which is not Star Trek for me, that has grown up with the Next generation series.

Anyways, the movie sets out as a rescue mission. Kirk and his crew set off to rescue some, however on their way there they encounter a spiecies that wants to kill them. We get to know little bit more about the species and their intent, however not as much as a real Star Trek film should really. We meet some new species on top of that and they show us how our good intentions can get in the line of fire, since they are not the same for us. That is very much Star Trek to me, investigation where the line is drawn and the differences between cultures. However, there are som Star Trek moments and some fun things said in the movie, but I wanted more of those and less of the action. Hollywood needs to work on that to the next film. There needs to be more thought in the movies, they are a little bit “surface” films right now, with only focus on action scenes.

There are some things I like in the movie and I don’t dislike the action, but it is to much and the story gets lost in the supershallow attitude. It is better than the last Star Trek, but it is still not as good as the series.

The best part of the film is when its over. That might sound strange, but if you decide to see it, stay and watch because you are given a fictive road through space. That is awsome in a IMAX theater, just saying.

I give it 2 stars out of five and I was thinking of giving it only one, so then you understand that it wasn’t giving me “all that”. It was to shallow, to much Hollywood and to little Star Trek, if you ask me. The trailer gives more a back story, than the complete movie.

In the end Antony was dedicated the movie with one other person.




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