Shit pooring all over

Media says bad things about a place where I used to work. but I understand at the same time why they wanna write those things. I feel like shit when they write those things, even though it is not about me. But reading all the shit that they think makes me think we are all shit. Sorry. Just feel shitty today. A shitty day. A shitty week. A shitty shit shit shit. Really. Sorry if I am pooring out all this shit. Just need to get it out of my system.

[Update a week later, for the upper part of the text: Now media writes that they are not shit and that they haven’t done shit. There are no grounds for being shitty. Good… I guess? They wrote we were understaffed, which I don’t think… well. Many strange things I have to read in the news…]

My partner didn’t want me to study from the beginning. Now when I decided to quit the program it is questioning why. I don’t want to be a fucking robot student like the Swedish state tries to make us to. Severe brainwashing at the university. Flush it, no matter what I choose someone always has an opinion. But I really don’t feel like studying the program, so why continue? I don’t feel like doing the exams. I just don’t. If there is no lust what so ever, then there isn’t. Is there? No. So flush the studies on the program. I have decided to not do it anymore. They can brainwash some other poor folks. They didn’t grant me my new major as my subject. So what the fuck is the point? Who wants to teach my old subject? Not me. I wanted my new major. I hate my old. But no, they gave me my other subject, which I never held a job in and never will… as second major. I don’t want that. Flush the university. I wanted my new subject, that I have studied for so long. Without it I see no point with anything. I hate the old ones, too much bad feelings. In my new I haven’t really been working and couldn’t have before reading it either. Don’t want the old subjects. Useless shit subjects.

I also feel that the university doesn’t want working class there. Add second generation immigrant and I am even more uninteresting. So Sweden can flush themselves. They don’t want workers kids that are not the stereotype roles to succeed. So the academy can flush themselves. Swedish state can flush themselves. Media can flush themselves. My educations can flush themselves. My educations are worthless and have always been. There is no point in any education.

So I tired of WordPress & they can fuck themselves for having such bad security, if it is not someone at WordPress or Google doing the shit… probably is. Who knows? I don’t. At least someone with access. Or my Internet connection, which I cannot do anything about, since I don’t own the servers and don’t have any access to them.

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