Nice people

During the past 2 weeks I have met nice people, unknown to me then and still are. When I was driving to work a bus, that definitely had the right to drive first, didn’t, but showed me to drive first. Thanks. Another similar circumstance happened just a few days later in another instance. I don’t remember what it was, but we where given an advantage once again. People have been kind really, like kinder than they have to be.

But then you work and you met people that try to poison your mind, but since all others mostly are kind you let it be, you just live with it. Some people just cannot be kind. Then there are those that are nice, even if they don’t have to be. Nicer than nice, doing things they don’t need to really. I think we need more of the nice people out there right now. The world needs them more than ever right now. The world is so upside down, you are not helping it turn around. For turning it we need 70% of the population on Earth to be kind. We need to be kind to animals, nature and humanity. You need to turn green, have long-lasting (hållbar utveckling) and adaptable products(biologically degradable) and kind to animal life and humanity. You need to, then other’s can follow. Be kinder, more service minded, more helpful, more honest, than you have ever been before. Dare to speak your mind when people discriminate due to ethnicity, gender, religion or any other stupid class issue. Speak up for someone who doesn’t have a voice of their own. Help a poor man. Help someone. If you don’t, how can you expect other’s to? Just wondering.

The world doesn’t need more hate, guns, riots of violence, death penalties, we need honesty and humane actions. Just saying. Otherwise, the world will continue to be upside down and paradise will continue to be hell, a place where love doesn’t rule people’s actions.

Being kind doesn’t mean you cannot criticize, please continue to say critic. Continue to point out what is wrong.

I want to tell all celebrities to stop showing their fucking drugs and cigarettes in social media, we don’t need more people turning into drugs and getting sick from smoking. I want to tell you that lung cancer and KOL are terrible sicknesses and a smoker usually gets it sooner or later. Please stop making advertisement for things that turn people sick. Drugs give brain injuries, amputations, tremor and other stuff that you can do without. Drugs hurt families, please don’t show your drugs, alcohol is also a drug. I have seen kids that have alcoholic parents, not a pretty view. Please don’t show these things in media and social media.

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